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How much do dentist videos cost (2021)?

Most dentists by 2021 have taken a second glance at what dental marketing videos can do for their growth.

Let’s Dive Right In:

  1. Incredible ROI

  2. How much do dentist videos cost?

  3. Why is the cost so high?

  4. The Catch 22 with Dental Videos

  5. Better Videos = More Patients

  6. Do videos really make your dental practice stand out?

  7. A few stats...

  8. “Getting ahead of the Joneses” Method

  9. How can videos actually convince patients?

  10. How does payment work for dentist videos?

  11. Conclusion

Incredible ROI

The numbers speak for themselves. $10,000 is the number thrown around for the average lifetime value of a patient. Derek Naylor, author of Fundamentals of Dental Marketing, gives an estimate of $22,000. Even more optimistic is Mark Costes, founder of the Dental Success Institute, who estimates the number is $45,000 over a 20-year lifetime! Videos that cost a fraction of this single-patient return can act as a 24/7 professional salesperson to bring in not just one - but MANY patients. Most businessmen would spend much more to achieve a return of these margins. This is also not factoring in the client referral value, in which the Dental Marketing Guy (DMG) claims 5 referrals to be a reliable figure.

How much do dentist videos cost?

Video companies that specialize in dental practice videos generally charge between $2,500-$8,000 for their video packages.This can range from a basic practice video to a full blown package that offers a number of highly marketable videos. It all comes down to how much you are willing to invest for quality results and how much you want your practice to stand out from your competitors. Stay away from the old-school companies, some of whom offer full production teams, because a small crew with today’s advanced technology can produce far greater results. Also, make sure you hire a company that actually specializes in dental videos because other companies can charge up to $20,000! Most video companies charge based on the presumed ROI in the industry, so it’s honestly not crazy to get a quote like that from someone who isn’t aware of an average dentist’s marketing budget. Any company that doesn’t list its prices usually leaves room for negotiation but it can also be a red flag for its lack of confidence in its product. We list all our prices but are always willing to negotiate with DSOs and with dentists who own multiple practices.

Why is the cost so high?

The cost is so high because of the amount of hours involved in the process and the expenses that need to be covered. Most dentists assume the editing doesn’t take more than ten hours. In reality, the editing usually takes around 25-50 hours. Then there’s the consulting and strategizing, which adds on another big chunk of time. Filming the video is actually what takes the least amount of time in the production process, averaging around 7-10 hours. Stay far away from the companies that claim they can film everything in less than 5 hours. Either they’re lying and it really takes a full day, or they just don’t produce quality material.

Here’s a breakdown of the video process:

  1. Pre-production: Consulting with the client, studying their practice and marketing, strategizing, scheduling, preparing film equipment.

  2. Production: Transporting equipment, setting up, filming, tearing down, transporting again.

  3. Post-production: Transferring and organizing files, syncing camera angles and audio, cutting down the interviews, cutting them down some more, selecting the best parts, organizing everything into a storyline, selecting the best b-roll, revisions, final cut, uploading.

Breakdown of the usual expenses:

  1. Videographer/Crew: Companies will generally hire one videographer and 1-3 assistants to expedite the production process.

  2. Editor: This usually costs more than hiring a videographer, considering the amount of hours needed. There are also music license expenses.

  3. Camera Equipment/Rentals: Professional video equipment usually costs between 10k-30k, and those who own it always charge more. Otherwise, people rent most of their equipment, which results in much slimmer margins per job.

  4. Travel: Each company has its own approach for how much and how far to charge for travel. The average expenses the company has to pay are plane tickets, hotel rooms, car rental, gas and tolls, and every cup of coffee. At Benchmark Commercials, we are very generous with the travel expenses throughout the US, and most of the East Coast doesn’t need to pay a dime! Some companies add every expense to the bill, some charge a rough estimate, some a flat fee, and some don’t charge at all. Keep in mind that most dental video companies only service specific states.

The Catch 22 with Dental Videos

When it comes to the value that dental videos bring to the table, the cost should really be much higher. However, it’s too difficult for production companies to work with dentists because the margins are just too slim for the prices dentists want. Dentists don’t like to spend much money on their marketing and are too nervous with investing in general. As a result, some of these companies tone down their production quality to offer better prices, and others stay out of the dental world entirely. So either you can hire a top of the line video company with a scary price tag and gain many more patients, or you can spend less money and only receive lower quality videos that don’t help you reach your goals. There’s no option to get the best of both worlds. Logically the higher price tag here will result in a higher ROI, but that kind of investment is too difficult for most dentists. I have heard of video quotes as high as $20,000, which sounds crazy, but it technically makes sense when you look at the value of the average lifetime patient.

The Solution

With Benchmark Commercials, we realized this desperate need in the market, so we tirelessly worked with dentists and dental marketers to understand what would best benefit the dental community. We were eventually able to craft highly effective video packages that drive in patients and revenue, while still being affordable. With today’s advanced technology, it’s much easier to produce quality videos with a smaller crew, and combining that with a vast understanding of the dental field and dental marketing, the result is highly marketable content.

How did we make our videos affordable?

We were able to bring down our costs for such a high quality production because we operate with a smaller crew and can also film everything in one day as opposed to two. We learned to thoroughly understand the system and how practices run to be able to utilize our time and manpower efficiently.

Better videos = More Patients

Video can serve as your greatest sales pitch so don’t just have anyone produce them. It’s worth it to research and invest in a smart production team that knows how to strategize to produce the best content. Your videos must be engaging and give your ultimate sales pitch to greatly increase your practice value. In fact, videos that don’t properly portray your selling points will actually be detrimental and even turn people away! Video is not something that you should strive to pay as little as possible for.

Do videos really make your practice stand out?

Yes, definitely.

Websites with videos are 57x more likely to rank on the first page of google, which means you will get TONS more exposure. So few dentists even have videos on their website, let alone top quality videos. With basic videos, you will automatically stand out from the crowd. Top quality videos will blow people away and secure many more clients.

A few stats...

According to Animoto, over 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing, which is definitely a substantial figure to consider. This number will only be going up, as Cisco writes that 82% of internet traffic will be videos by 2022. Another interesting stat to note is that according to Eyeview Digital, videos on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%!

But all marketers have stats for their methods. Hearing stats on video won’t necessarily mean ANYTHING to a dentist.

The truth is, with all stats aside, it comes down to a simple logic:

“Getting Ahead of the Joneses” Method

Imagine a dentist surrounded by 15 other dentists. A few of them pay for a stunning website and then the rest follow suit. But now they all have that gorgeous website! - so how do any of them actually stand out from the crowd?!?

The solution... is to always be one of the first to get the “next big thing”. By having engaging videos that showcase your practice across your website and social media, you will stand out from the crowd in grand fashion. It’s only a matter of time before everyone has videos anyways, so why not beat them to it!

We call this the “Keeping up with the Joneses” method. with your technology and marketing methods will prevent your practice from falling between the cracks, but it won’t dramatically increase your practice growth. Running a dental practice is like going up a down escalator. You need to “get ahead of the Joneses” and always be ready to adapt to the market changes and developments before your competitors to be able to see dream results. Video is already the most trending method in the marketing world but it is only starting to enter the dental industry now. The entire world is turning digital, making videos’s impact ever more powerful.

Play it smart and take advantage of this fast growing marketing option to breeze past you competition. It’s only a matter of time before every practice gets involved.

How can videos actually convince patients?

Making a strategic video is all psychology. It begins with understanding exactly what goes on in a patient’s mind while they search for a dental practice. We identify and leverage your target patient’s goals, pain points, and apprehensions. A basic example is that 75% of American adults are afraid of going to the dentist. Creating a video where a patient discusses their pleasant experience and how their anxiety was quickly dismantled is a sure way to securing more patients. You can also show how your practice is a really friendly and comfortable place to be in.

How payment works for dentist videos:

Do you have to pay everything up front for your dental videos?

It depends on the video production company’s policy. You should expect to pay 50% of the balance either immediately to secure the film date or up to the day of the shoot. We charge only 40% to secure the film date. Some smaller video companies may leave room for negotiation.

Do Dental Video Companies provide discounts?

With enough pushing, most companies are willing to go down a bit in price, but this is only if they are desperate for jobs. The margins are too slim to really accommodate price adjustments. Some will offer extra perks in the video packages before actually going down in price. However, almost every company is willing to strike a deal with DSOs or a dentist who owns multiple practices.


If you want to be getting the most value out of dental marketing videos, you will probably find yourself spending around $5,000 for a practice video package that also includes a few other marketing videos. The cheapest options have low marketing value and quality and can literally be detrimental to your practice.

Take advantage of this fast growing market before your competitors beat you to it.

Have your practice stand out in grand fashion to greatly increase your patients and revenue.

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